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Meet The Owners

Marlene and Steve Chavis


One may ask how Steve and Marlene got to this place in time, Haven Hill Farms.  For answers, one would have to look back at their beginnings.  Marlene and Steve both came from similar, yet different backgrounds; however, Marlene's horse dreams began with her Grandfather back on the plains of Nebraska.  Marlene, often speaks  of  her  Grandfather, who was an old Civil War Soldier, and always spoke of his times, his horses, and true values.  He taught Marlene about horses,and helped her in the desire to understand and to be one with the horse. Her Grandfather taught Marlene the true essentials of training and discipline. This was her childhood inspiration.  This is when the horse dream began. 
Per Marlene:  "I knew someday, somehow, I would develop a Horse Farm, so that others could discover and enjoy the - World of the Horse.  Horses are powerful animals; and, with tender loving care, alomg with one-on-one time, they will connect with you in a way that cannot be described.  When you make friends with a horse, you have a friend for life!  Horses have a sixth sense.  They know when something is just not right medically with a person.  They also will compensate for a child, or be extra tender with any disabilities.  They don't laugh at you when your hurt; but are there with unconditional love." 
Marlene is a "visionary," yet keeps her eye on the ball, while continually setting and obtaining goals and bouncing forward in this place we call life.  Her strong business abilities have been very instrumental in the attainment of their Farm goals, with 36+ years of Corporate America experience and a BS Degree in Business Administration Management. She is a Bernard Haldane Executive Graduate, Professional Member of the Society of Human Resources (SHRM), a Dale Carnegie Graduate, member of The National Notary Association, and has won numerous awards for Effective Speaking, aand being  published in various magazines. Along with her farm interests, she has  various real estate interests.   

Steve, being born and raised around the North, SC area, is very familiar with farming, cattle, and the hard work it takes to make dreams happen.  Haven Hill Farms, has grown from a sand hill to a prosperous Farm that produces the hay to feed the horses that call Haven Hill Farms their residence.  Steve also works with Do It Best Corporation based out of Lexington, SC.  His Uncle, Jessie Chavis, Jr. yet today runs cattle on the "old home place", with his specialty line being Limousin cattle.  Such friends as Ralph Stanley, the "Blue Grass Mountain Boys" frequent his farm, purchase cattle, and attend BBQ's thrown in their honor.  Steve, not unlike his Uncle, never meets a stranger, and will spend time talking about anything and everything.  . 
When they met, Marlene had one horse, which was boarded.  Steve had none.  However, this soon changed, as they purchased a Stallion; whose spirit still reigns over Haven Hill Farms today.  Per Steve: "We searched for the perfect location for well over two years.  But, when we saw the property; which is dubbed, Haven Hill Farms, we merely looked at each other and said:  "This is where we want to build our life long dream."  Not only did they dream of a Horse Farm, they live it!  It is not uncommon to come to the Farm after hours or on weekends, and find them putting into motion their latest creative thoughts and ideas.  Hard Work and Persistence is no stranger to either one. 
Per Marlene & Steve:   
"We believe in the Pay It Forward concept, here at Haven Hill Farms.  Our Grandfathers gave both of us something of great value; which has stayed with us throughout our lives, and we just want to give other people the opportunity to be part of our world.      "Memories are priceless, and excellent care for your best friend (your horse) is a necessity."  


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